• [Memory Fragments] Interesting Debate Competition

    [Memory Fragments] Interesting Debate Competition

    t the end of March, we held an interesting debate event. The main purpose of this event is to expand our thinking, improve our speaking skills, and strengthen teamwork. The debate topics were announced and divided into groups long before the competition, so that everyone could prepare for this co...
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  • Tanzania Business Trip

    Tanzania Business Trip

    ——–Aligned People Are The Best! It is the Spring Festival, when everyone is still immersed in the reunion with their families and the joy of the holiday, but some people are shouldering the mission and giving silently. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, Tang Haizhou, th...
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  • Fourth Reading Birthday Party

    Fourth Reading Birthday Party

    Issue 4 “A Brief Talk About Books” Birthday Party The birthday stars this time are: Sped Gretchen Christine Thanks to the three birthday stars for sharing, I wish them a happy birthday~
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  • Women’s Day in March, Bright Iraqi Festival

    Women’s Day in March, Bright Iraqi Festival

    Women’s Day in March, the beautiful Yiren Festival. March 8, 2022 is the 112th International Working Women’s Day. Qisheng Technology has carefully planned a “Plant Photo Frame” handmade salon event for all female colleagues, and sent holiday greetings and sincere blessings...
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  • Dream ahead, create brilliance-2021 Conference

    Dream ahead, create brilliance-2021 Conference

    In 2021, we will ride the wind and waves together, work together in the same boat, and sail directly to the sea. In this year, we have gained and achieved, of course, there are also some ups and downs, difficulties and troubles. No matter what happens in 2021, it has become a memory and history. ...
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  • “How to welcome the year 2022″Theme sharing meeting

    “How to welcome the year 2022″Theme sharing meeting

    Recently, we had the honor to invite a mysterious celebrity to hold a sharing session on the theme of for us. At 2:00 pm on January 8th, we will arrive as scheduled! It is a great honor to hear the sharing of Mr. Wang from Zhejiang Onepaper Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. His ...
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  • “Talking About The Fragrance Of Books” Birthday Party

    “Talking About The Fragrance Of Books” Birthday Party

    Last Thursday, we held the last birthday party of the year "Talking about Scholars". The protagonist of this birthday party is all the birthday stars from July to December. Because the office was decorated in two places, it has been postponed until now. , But it does not...
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  • Sheng Heshu Ruian Sub School Annual Report Meeting

    Sheng Heshu Ruian Sub School Annual Report Meeting

    On December 21, 2021, Rui’an School will carry on the mission of being a happy enterprise all over Rui’an. By the end of December, 8 tasks for new companies entering the school will be completed. After calculation. At least 32 entrepreneurs must be inspired. After our meeting last we...
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  • Current Overview of Oral Thin Films

    Many pharmaceutical preparations are applied in tablet, granule, powder, and liquid form. In general, a tablet design is in a form presented to patients to swallow or chew a precise dose of medication. However, especially geriatric and pediatric patients have difficulty chewing or swallowing soli...
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  • General Manager Practice Inamori Kazuo Philosophy

    My name is Quan Yue, the founder of Aligned Machinery. We are committed to the development, design, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical equipment and total solutions to revolutionize the traditional and create the future of new ways of medicine. The company has been founded for 16 years,Many ...
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  • The First Aligned Company Fun Games Was Successfully Held

    Winter is coming, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is full of fragrance! Our company is adhering to the mission of achieving employees, achieving customers, and all employees’ material and spiritual happiness. We have established a happiness committee. In order to improve the happiness of em...
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  • Capsule Filling Machine

      What is a Capsule Filling Machine? Capsule filling machines precisely fill empty capsule units with solids or fluids. The encapsulation process is used in a variety of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more. Capsule fillers work with a wide variety of solids, includi...
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